Name: Pollinger Rudolf (Rütschi)
Adresse: 3927 Herbriggen Haus Denali
Geburtsdatum: 23.07.1971
Zivilstand: Verheiratet mit Linda Pollinger-Truffer
Zwei Kinder: Sohn Kevin, 02.09.2003,
Tochter Lynn, 29.08.2006

Education and Training

After working as a qualified carpenter for a number of years, I decided to follow my passion and complete a traineeship to become a Professional Mountain Guide. Since graduating in 1998, I have been operating as a Mountain Guide through the alps, touring with clients from all walks of life.


Further Education

During my time as a Professional Mountain guide I continued to further my education. In 2003  I completing a Diploma in Canyon Hiking Guiding  and a Diploma as a Mountain Rescue Specialist Guide. In 2008 I was accepted into the SVB, Team of Experts.


Experience as a Mountain Guide

During the last ten years and over, of my profession as a Mountain Guide, I have guided many of my customers up Four thousand meter peaks in the area of Alps.

I have climbed many of the classic ascends and North face of the West Alps with my customers. Over 135 times I have already guided customers from all around the world up the peak of the Matterhorn.

My expertise and strength lye in guiding from Winter- and Summer-tours in disciplined Ski tours, Ski high Alpine tours, Free ridding, Heli Skiing, Alpine tours and Alpine Climbing tours.

Evidently occasionally  I guide customers in Sport Climbing, Canyon Hiking, Ice Climbing or Snow shoe walking.

During the early summer or autumn I guide small groups on Expeditions and Trekking.


Time Off

When I have free time I end up spending most of my time enjoying outdoor/ indoor Mountain sport activities. In winter I was infected by the Virus Skialpinismus Infection. I really enjoy participating in local Ski tour competitions such as at the PDG.

During some of the Climbing Tours in the Yosemite Valley I climbed the well know Granit-Monolith El Capitan over the route of “The Nose.”

The repetition from the classical Bonati routes in Chamonix, were amazing climbing experiences  with my friends.

My many years of guiding experience as a Professional Mountain Guide.....

The striking images on my website will hopefully inspire you to contact me for an obligation free consultation.



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Stand: 5.2.2010